Software distribution for any size business

We help software vendors to find their ways to partners and customers on the ex-USSR markets.

MONT is a group of companies with the presence in Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Cyprus, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Mongolia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Founded in 1991, MONT has become one of the largest Value-Added Software Distributors in Russia & CIS. Our partner network includes over 5000 companies, from leading nation-wide systems integrators to small software resellers. Our supplier portfolio includes top international companies and perspective start-ups.

We provide our suppliers with end-to-end services to bring products & services to market, that include:

  • Channel recruitment
  • Channel education and support
  • Contract and payment logistics
  • Demand generation and PR support
  • Opportunity management
  • Pre-sales and consulting services
  • etc.